Easy use Cardboard Greeting Card Stand

Our 9 tier greeting card stands are an easy solution to place in any retail space, with its attractive shape & size, you can easily fit up to 384 cards in! Super eye-catching and easy to place.

Although made from cardboard, if treated with care will give years of service. With no separators across the tiers, the cardboard display stand is ideal for all standard sizes of cards including mixed sizes!

A header board to attach marketing material to fits in the top of the stand or you can apply your own sticker onto the board.

We offer the following options for the stands:

  • Bulk-Packed : This is flat packed stand and contains 5 stands in a box. You can assemble the stand yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable or only want a couple of stands why not order pre-assembled and let us do the work.
  • Individually Boxed : These are still flat packed but each in it’s own box..
  • Pre-assembled : Stands are delivered ready to go, just add the greeting cards to the stand! 


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